IGP Asante Apeatu and President Nana Addo are Responsible for Wuogon Ayawaso Violence

Written by on February 18, 2019

I watched with stirring horror, some the images that bled out of the recent Wuogon-Ayawaso
by-elections mayhem. I am eerily troubled by the video clips that aired on social media, in relation to the
By-election. More unsettling is the unnerving comment by one of the goons, warning that, this show
down is a precursor to the 2020 elections. It is crystal clear that a lot of thought, preparation and effort
went into planning this dastardly act. After a hearty conversation with an old school chum about the
incident, I am inclined to stand up and be counted on this searing matter. Let me add, that, my friend,
who happens to be ex-military, warned that, our beloved Ghana could easily degenerate into some of
the horrible flashpoints we’ve witnessed in Africa and elsewhere in the world, if we don’t find a way to
end these savage acts.
I suspect it is clear, that, Ghana Police Force has a new security phalanx or squadron that it is
not aware of. Just as JJ Rawlings created 64Bn, his dear friend Nana Addo has his Tonton Macoute in
place. That the Police Force (ie the IGP&Co) feigns ignorance about this brutish unit, is one more reason
why this IGP must be summarily dismissed. It is crystal clear that the IGP and his henchmen are lying to
the Ghanaian public about their vivid knowledge of the existence of this rogue and barbaric unit.
Alongside the IGP, the president of the country must be squarely held responsible and accountable for
what we saw at Ayawaso. In addition, the spate of violence preceding this horrible incident at Ayawaso
should keep everyone awake. What did the president know about the formation of the Tonton Macoute
unit within Ghana’s national security enclave? And if the president knows nothing about this rogue unit,
shouldn’t we be scared stiff? I suspect the president does know about this unit.
My fellow Ghanaians, a little over two years ago, the NPP begged Ghanaians to “try me some”.
They assured us that they had the men. Furthermore, they told us that the NDC party, led by Ex-
President Mahama and his babies with razor teeth, embody incompetence and continue to do
irreparable harm to country Ghana. Majority of us fell for their ask. After all, we got fed up with
Mahama and the alleged rampant corruption over which he lorded. So far, not a single Mahama
appointee has been prosecuted by Nana Addo’s Special Prosecutor. Change is always good we thought,
even though some of us had reservations about Nana Addo ability to lead effectively. Are we getting
what Ghanaians voted for in Nana Addo? Is this the rule of law that we were told to expect? When will
the brutalization, victimization and utter disrespect for the civil liberties of our people cease? Why must
any suspect be ruthlessly beaten before they can even answer to their name in Ghana? When will this
barbarity end? Very scary!
Fast forward to today! How can Nana Addo’s Police Force shelter a secret security unit without
us knowing about it? Who instituted the new national security unit within the Police Force? How is this
force financed? Is parliament aware of their existence? Was the president briefed about this new
security unit? Why was the public not aware of this new Tonton Macoute prior to their maiden voyage?
Who is the head of this new security unit, who does he report to and who appointed him? What is the
mandate of the new security unit? Is the new Tonton Macoute designed to go after the political enemies
of the president and the Npp? Have the Tonton Macoute unit been oriented to brutalize our people?
When was the recruiting done for these goons? Are these the NPP foot soldiers that Kennedy Agyapong
promised to absorb into the security forces? Should a national security force be constituted with
partisan goons? The president and the IGP must answer these questions immediately.
So often, if and when our country experiences such volcanic hiccups, the tendency of the ruling
elite is to point fingers at what the opposition did when it was in power. The attempt here is to justify

the grave errors of the past by reminding us that previous regimes did same or worse (equalization).
Ghanaians must not fall for this hackneyed canard. First, it is somewhat condescending to assume that
everybody but the ruling party remembers past misdeeds. Secondly, elections are about a future
promise of a shining city on the hill (Something far better than the status quo). We must not be fooled
to dwell on past governments who have been booted out of office. Our focus should be on solving the
current problem by the incumbent government, not disinterring past misdeed. It serves no purpose to
identify who did worse in the past.
The only use of the past, in this context, is to inform a comprehensive solution NOW. It is an
exercise in futility to inordinately dwell on the past when the house is currently in flames. We must not
spiral to the bottom by focusing behind us. Now is the time to relentlessly trudge forward and make
significant progress. We must mentally reorient to avoid dabbling in useless blame games. We’ve
traveled the latter road and got nothing useful out of it. Insanity, I am reminded, is doing the same thing
and expecting different and stellar results. Enough!
If there ever was a time for bold leadership, this is it. Here, I am going to be very hard on this
president and his party. Folks, notice that under Nana Addo, as soon as a perceived misdeed occurs,
some kind of bogus investigation is orchestrated and nothing shakes out of the prefabricated effort.
More often than not, the president and his henchmen are gleefully vindicated and life goes on as usual.
In this august and grave matter, the Executive Branch should step aside. Parliament or the Judiciary
should be in the forefront of investigating the deceptive, dishonest and overly inept Ghana Police Force.
Perhaps Manasseh Azure said it best by alluding to the impotence and incompetence of the current IGP.
Whatever team is cobbled together to investigate this matter, it must make sure that the president and
the security minister are made to answer tough questions about the how this group was formed and
financed with public knowledge or acquiescence or approbation.
President Nana Addo must lead by removing this IGP. Secondly, he must fully account to the
people of Ghana about the formation of this rogue entity within the Police Force. What did he know and
when did he know it? Lastly, there should be a concerted effort to disarm all vigilante groups within the
country immediately. If steps are not taken to clean out these agents of civil war, there is no telling what
the next by-election or general election could bring. Let us inspire a renaissance on the civil liberties of
Ghanaians. Ghana deserves better and we rightfully demand it.
Nii Lantey Okunka Bannerman is a social critic, radio political talk show host at Highlife Radio. His
show, People Parliament, airs every Saturday (9am-12 noon Eastern Time) on Highlife Radio.

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