June 17, 2019

Yvonne Nelson Is Spoiling My Market – John Dumelo

Top Ghana actor, John Dumelo has cleared the air on his relationship with Yvonne Nelson, the leggy queen of beauty and one of the top actresses in Ghana. Dumelo who has paired in countless of movies with the sexy actress has come out to say that he doesn’t feel anything for Yvonne and never will he feel anything for her.

“I’ve never felt for her and never will. So ladies out there I’m sorry she is really spoiling my market. But thanks to all of you for saying we look good together. But it’s simply not possible to like Yvonne because she only makes me puke,” he said.

Yvonne in her own response said “the whole world thinks that there is something between the two of us … let me get straight to the point.. I don’t like John; I don’t feel nothing for him…”

We agree they aren’t in love. Our question however is since they have a good chemistry together, even by evidence of how they jovially address the question we posed, by the evidence of how they play around together which by itself may scare a man who is interested in Yvonne or a lady who might feel insecure around John because of Yvonne, isn’t it something they can consider since they are both single?

Sometimes the loved one is right next to you and you never realize until it’s too late. We think it will be a good idea.So ladies out there I’m sorry Yvonne Nelson is really spoiling my market–John Dumelo + I don’t like John; I don’t feel nothing for him…”—Yvonne Nelson

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